Recruiting is not only for recruiters Jonas Molbech-Kuskner February 1, 2022

Recruiting is not only for recruiters

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Who should be recruiting on a regular basis? Everyone!

And no, I don’t mean that every single person in your company should schedule interviews and fiddle with your ATS system.

But if recruiters are to get out of the endless cycle of last-minute spray and pray messages to get seats filled, then everyone must step up.

The goal is to reach the point where qualified candidates come to you. And to reach that goal, they’ll have to know you and your peeps.

Start by identifying your future recruitment needs:

Where do we have a hard time getting seats filled?

What projects are coming that we know are going to acquire more people?

Are there any departments where we have recurring turnovers and thereby need people regularly?


Answer these questions and start planning.

Pick out those departments you can see are going to be a hassle recruitment-wise.

Let’s say it’s marketing.

Talk to the CMO and get him to post on LinkedIn (just once a week to begin with).

Not to talk about job offerings. To talk about the industry.

Great stories from his or her team. Failures and all!

Yes, I know it sounds frightening, but guess what! Candidates know that life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. But it’s these kinds of stories that people can relate to.

How you screwed up big time but came together as a team to fix it (movie stuff)!

I know it can be hard, to begin with. It might even feel like the time he or she was determined to go to the gym twice a week (starting January 1st). But I promise you – it will be the single most powerful TA engine in the long run. (And it’s free).

Just wait and see. Your CMO will eventually start loving putting words to their rumbling brain.

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