Employer Branding Hume Agency November 27, 2023

Employer Branding as a Service

Take control of your employer brand

50% lower


28% lower

Turnover rate

50% more

Qualified applicants


Faster time-to-hire

Employer Branding as a Service (EBaaS)

What do we offer?

Improved collaboration and scaling of your business

Cross-department collaboration

We’re the playmaker that breaks silos


Stay on track through monthly strategic meetings

Execution up-front

You get immediate impact

Constant iterations

Based on data & feedback

Project management

Spend your time where it matters

The plans:

The plans below will provide you with an example of how we do things. Is it set in stone?

Nope. Contact us, and we’ll discuss your needs.

All our plans include:

We blend content creation with strategic foresight. Our approach drives immediate business goals while keeping an eye on long-term brand positioning, ensuring every move is part of a bigger picture.

Regular sync-ups keep us aligned and agile. Our monthly meetings focus on data insights, content ideation, and short-term business objectives. Plus, every quarter, we deep-dive with a comprehensive review and a look-ahead at your long-term branding journey.

We’ll ensure you stay ahead of the curve by continuously looking into your culture, specific talent market, and most relevant competitors.

Action first, adjust as we go. Our monthly content rollout are designed to resonate with your audience, providing valuable insights to refine our strategy and fuel informed decision-making.


  • Tailored to your needs
  • Built for hyper-growth

From 59.900 DKK/Month

excl. VAT

Growth Plan

  • Strategy, tracking, and optimizations
  • 6 LinkedIn posts on personal profile
    (Founder/CEO/Thought leader)
  • 12 written LinkedIn posts on company profile page
  • 3 job ads 
  • Careers site optimizations
  • Every quarter we have one dedicated content day:
    • 1 videographer / photographer
    • 1 employer brand specialist
    • Resulting in high-quality content pieces

From 29.900 DKK/Month

excl. VAT

+ Kick off fee 19.900 DKK.

Startup Plan

  • Strategy, tracking, and optimizations
  • 4 LinkedIn posts on personal profile (Founder/CEO/Thought leader)
  • 6 written LinkedIn posts on company profile page

From 14.900 DKK/Month

excl. VAT

+ Kick off fee 19.900 DKK.

Kick off

All plans are with the Kick Off

The kick-off phase consists of onboarding material, setting up the right tracking, and strategic sprints, setting us up for short and long-term success. We have designed the process to be as little time-consuming as possible but with the right amount of activities to set us up for building your brand as an employer.

Step 1: Onboarding material

Step 2Kick-off meeting

Step 3Employee survey

Step 4Setting up tracking

Step 5Management project briefing

Step 6Strategic sprint: Short & long-term plan

Kick-off Fee 19.900 DKK.

Book a free discovery call, and let’s discuss your needs


Sure thing! Just as your reputation as an employer, we’re not set in stone. During our discovery call, we’ll talk about your situation, your needs, and how the process can be tailored to match your preferences perfectly.

Slow, corporate processes don’t work for startups and scaleups. They are expensive and lack the flexibility to suit a fast-changing environment. Therefore, we created Employer Branding as a Service to fit the needs of modern companies.

Through a very simple process. Together, we set the strategic scope. You help us identify key colleagues that we can interview. We then setup short interviews and format their answers to perfect LinkedIn posts.