Keynote speak: The next wave of employer branding strategy Hume Agency October 11, 2023

Keynote speak: The next wave of employer branding strategy

"Employer branding sucks as it is right now."

That’s how our Co-Founder, Jonas Molbech, opened his talk at the Empple employer branding festival in Belgrade, Serbia. In a hybrid setting, with a mix of in-person attendees and an online audience, the stage was set for a riveting session.

Such a strong statement was bound to get reactions. Indeed, it did. Some audience members gave a standing ovation in agreement, while others reportedly left the room, finding the talk too challenging for their taste. One attendee even said on LinkedIn, “Jonas Molbech-Kuskner is the epitome of authenticity in himself. Different, edgy, “crazy enough” to challenge the dominant way of thinking about employer branding.”

Jonas had three main takeaways for the audience:

  1. Future-Proof Strategy: The next wave of employer branding strategy should be flexible and rooted in execution, data-driven, and adaptable.
  2. Authenticity is Key: Brands need to stay genuine to resonate with audiences.
  3. Human Touch: Humanized brands are the future. They build scalable connections, are more trustworthy, and stand out from the crowd.

But it wasn’t just about presenting ideas. Jonas shared our journey at Hume Agency. How we’re flipping the traditional approach to strategy creation on its head. We believe in action, in executing strategies upfront. We learn, adjust, and fine-tune based on real-life feedback and data. This dynamic approach means we’re flexible, responsive, and always ahead of the curve. That’s how you operate in the fast-paced environment of startups and scaleups, if you ask us.

A standout moment from the talk was Jonas’s exclamation, “Fuck the Employer Value Proposition (EVP)!” It wasn’t said for shock value, but rather to challenge established norms. This sentiment resonated with many, leading to a spontaneous outburst of support from the audience and a flurry of comments on LinkedIn.

Another highlight was the narrative of our evolution at Hume Agency. We have adapted, listened to the market, learned from our mistakes, and improved our processes. Today, our goal is clear: to revolutionize employer branding strategy creation. Strategies should live and thrive in the real world, not being stuck in fancy PowerPoint presentations.

The keynote wrapped with Jonas emphasizing the power of humanized brands, how they can foster genuine connections, increase trust, and differentiate themselves in a competitive market.

Post-event, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Jonas’s first international speaking engagement undoubtedly left its mark, splitting the audience and igniting conversations on the future of employer branding. And if this talk was anything to go by, there’s more to come. Stay tuned for updates on Jonas’s upcoming speaking engagements – we promise they’ll be just as thought-provoking!

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