Start to promote internally and hire entry-level people more fluently Jonas Molbech-Kuskner February 23, 2022

Start to promote internally and hire entry-level people more fluently

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It’s a simple thought but often looked beyond. Internal promotions are cheaper than going for external experienced hires. 

So why isn’t this done more often?

I guess you can call it ‘the grass is always greener’-effect. A polished resume or LinkedIn profile will always be more interesting and catching to the eye than the current employees.

You know their flaws and have seen them at their worst. 

So of course, the external, magic unicorn is a better fit! Or are they?

If you start looking internally and I mean really start looking, you might find some hidden gems that are just waiting to evolve. 

If you put a bigger focus on creating growth and development opportunities for current employees, you’ll see more people flourish and chase opportunities to improve, evolve and create more value for the company.

And guess what! It’s a win-win situation.

Now you can produce great content of how you encourage current employees to challenge themselves and grow within the company.

That’s sweet music to the ear for new-entry level hires. They now see a company that cares for its employees and cheer for growth and development.

Start thinking in these lanes and sooner than you’ll know, you’ll have more motivated employees, more budget for evolving your employer brand, and an easier time hiring new talented folks.

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