Why information is the key to successful talent attraction Jonas Molbech-Kuskner January 26, 2022

Why information is the key to successful talent attraction

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Talented candidates have more options than ever when it comes to choosing a job.

And what do people do when they have a lot of choices? They become picky.

Therefore, the faster the candidate can find information that answers critical questions and aligns with their ‘why’, the more willing they are to participate in a conversation with you.

That’s why it doesn’t help companies to maximize their efforts in a broken system. And what system might that be?

The system that’s hooked to volume and speed.

If you’re measuring your recruiting by how many views your ads get or how many messages you can send in a day, you’re running towards the death of your employer brand.

A- and B-level talent are looking for one thing. Information.

If you’re still trying to hide your information and waiting till the interview to disclosure what it really is like working at your company, then the talent has moved on already.

If your move is optimizing for more applicants and looking for more efficient ways to push candidates through your funnel, then you’re essentially kicking your doors wide open for C-level talent. They are the ones that love a quick hiring process, and they don’t care about the lack of information because they are applying to everything that comes near their field.

If you instead bring all the valuable information upfront, you’ll provide candidates with a clear understanding of who you are, what their job would look like, and what kind of team they’d be working with.

You just made it easy for them to opt-in or out of a conversation with you.

And no, this doesn’t mean that every A- and B-level talent will apply for your job opening. But you’ve just made sure that the ones that actually fit your company have the accessibility to know that you would be a great match and thus consider you as an employer.

If you keep on hiding information and optimizing for volume, then they’re gone before you can type “I think I have the most amazing opportunity for you”.

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