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Hvorfor kandidater ikke er vilde med din outreach Jonas Molbech-Kuskner februar 15, 2022

Hvorfor kandidater ikke er vilde med din outreach

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How can it be that candidates aren’t thrilled to receive cold out-reach messages with absolutely no value or consideration to their point of view?
Let’s look at it this way.
There have never been as many open seats as there are right now. Everyone is #hiring
Meanwhile, 70% of the global workforce is already in a job and therefore not desperately looking for new opportunities.
This might seem horrible if you’re working with employer branding, talent attraction, or recruitment.
But it comes with a huge opportunity.
By shifting your mindset to thinking long-term, you’ll gain an enormous advantage over your competitors.
If you start today sharing informative, valuable content to your target audiences of candidates, you’ll begin to create

  • An audience that engages with your content
  • Valuable conversations that 1) educate candidates in your organization and 2) teaches you ground-breaking knowledge about the talent you wish to hire in the future
  • A pipeline of candidates that will have you top-of-mind when they are in the mindset of discovering new career paths.

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