Case study EIVEE Hume Agency juni 12, 2023

Employer branding analyse, strategi & implementering


EIVEE ønskede at få en omfattende forståelse af deres employer brand, både fra interne og eksterne perspektiver. Det primære mål var at diagnosticere deres nuværende employer brand på talentmarkedet, forstå deres nuværende markedsposition i det konkurrencedygtige landskab og få handlingsorienterede indsigter for områder af interne forbedringer.

"We're a mission-driven start-up working within climate tech, so building a strong employer brand helps unite our employees around a common purpose in EIVEE"

What did EIVEE gain?

Based on our analysis, EIVEE was able to action insights and make immediate improvements to:

  1. Internal collaboration processes
  2. Communication flow/ breaking down silos
  3. Improving feedback culture

Hume’s work legitimized some of the areas we were already looking into and added urgency. Backing up our initiatives with impartial third party analysis also helped sell further funding to upper management.

Vores tilgang

Culture Analysis


“It’s important that our employer brand actually mirrors what it’s like to work at EIVEE and the messaging is authentic. It doesn't work for anyone if an employee shows up on the first day and has not been sold what's actually going on”

How do you get the best insights into an organization’s culture? Get perspectives from ALL angles. For EIVEE, we conducted a management workshop, employee interviews and employee surveys.

We started with a deep dive into management’s perceptions of EIVEE’s strengths as a workplace and defining ideal candidate profiles (ICP) for different teams. Next, we worked with employees from different departments to understand their perceptions of EIVEE as a workplace and its strengths and weaknesses.

By doing this, we ensured that the final strategy was authentic and recognizable for employees across departments.


We provided EIVEE with 8 key areas for improving employee engagement with specific action items and insights from interviews with employees.

We conducted extensive market research using data and insights to report back to EIVEE what’s really important to their target groups of candidates.

Additionally, we ran external interviews with a focus group of candidates that aligned with EIVEE’s ICP to further understand their preferences and candidate journey when searching for a new employer.

Talent Market Research



  • Definition of EIVEE’s ICP and this type of candidate’s preferences in a workplace
  • Instructions on how to communicate with ideal candidates’ at each step of the candidate journey
  • Suggestions for how to incorporate the ideal candidates’ preferences on EIVEE’s career pages

Competitor Mapping


In order to differentiate EIVEE from competitors in the overall talent market, we conducted competitor analysis and mapping to diagnose EIVEE’s current position in terms of look, tone and feel. We then looked at steps that needed to be taken to better communicate EIVEE’s strengths as an employer.


An Employer Brand Book assembling key insights of their target group, the new positioning followed by a new tone-of-voice, creative concepts, SoMe strategy, and activation plan.

Table of contents for the Employer Brand Book.

What does EIVEE have to say?

"Employer branding is the main area we don't have expertise in within the People and Culture team, but we know it's super important especially with the high recruitment rate at this stage of a scale up business"

"By building and promoting our employer brand and commitment to sustainability, we can increase employee engagement and motivation. When employees feel that they're part of a company that cares about the environment, they're more likely to be passionate about their work"

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