Case study Hairlust Hume Agency July 7, 2022

Talent Films: Showcasing the people behind the Hairlust logo

Talent films

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Mikkel, Head of Nordics at Hairlust

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Paulina, Head of PR & Content at Hairlust

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Amalie, Customer Care Manager at Hairlust

The case

Hairlust wanted to provide candidates and customers with a more genuine picture of the people behind the logo. Therefore, our primary focus was:

  1. Discover employees’ perception of Hairlust as a workplace
  2. Discover what motivates them on and off the clock in their day-to-day lives
  3. Showcase it to the world in a creative, eye-catching way 

Our deliverables: 
Three talent films

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Hear from the client

"They really understood our teamwork focus and the international culture that we have, and it was perfectly brought out in the videos that we got. 10 out of 10, would recommend!"

Don’t take our word for it. Hear how Paulina, Head of PR & Content at Hairlust, interpreted our work.

Our approach

Culture analysis


Who can best explain how it truly is to work at a company? It’s, of course, the employees. Therefore, we conducted internal group interviews with just over 50% of the amazing people working at Hairlust. We did this to gain a deep understanding of the employees’ perspectives of Hairlust as a workplace. It ensured that we could provide candidates with an authentic and relatable view of Hairlust.

By understanding Hairlust goals with the project while having gained a deep understanding of their strengths as an employer, we could form a creative concept. Together with our creative partner, AGENCY6, we ensured the communication strategy strengthened Hairlust’s employer brand story while the visual direction aligned with their overall brand.

Creating a concept


Shoot days


We had a blast with the three talents from Hairlust in a time period of half a day per person. After everything was filmed, we started the editing process so Hairlust could receive the final product before leaving for a well-deserved summer holiday.


The purpose of the films was to add a personal touch to the Hairlust brand to forge a more genuine connection with candidates and customers. Due to Hairlust’s clear and strong brand positioning, the creative direction needed to align with the overall brand.

In our culture analysis, we discovered Hairlust’s true strengths as an employer. Employees’ close connection to each other and the possibility to grow individually and collectively. Together with our creative partner, AGENCY6, we forged the creative concept Growing together, representing the strong company culture and employees’ love for the Hairlust products.

Hairlust’s employees come from various backgrounds, so we wanted to create mini portraits of three personalities relatable to different types of candidates and customers. We did this to show how Hairlust is formed by diverse individuals that share the same love for the culture and overall vision of the company. 

56% of employees interviewed

4 week process

3 talent films